Health & Fitness

The physics are simple.

The psychology is not.

Let me help you to work on your compelling vision, your ultimate
intrinsic motivator.

Toms Mindset Coaching
Lifestyle – Food – Exercise
for l a s t i n g RESULTS.


Lasting Health & Fitness starts in your head, not in the gym and dinner plate!

  • You know you have to move, exercise more, eat a healthy diet and fewer calories as well as follow through with positive live-style changes.
  • You know you have to eat less sugar, eat less refined grains, eat more vegetables, and choose whole foods over packaged or processed ones.
  • You tried all diets, exercises and fitness regimes. You just couldn’t sustain it and slipped back into old habits.     



For lasting Weight-loss & Fitness
Do the Things
That Matter.

Learn to increase muscle,
stamina and reduce fat.

Discover the Pillars of Health & Fitness.

Mental Fitness Training

Mind-set -1st

Lifestyle -2nd

Food strategies


toms exercise


Psychology & Mind-set
“Everything begins inside your mind. With the right mindset you will succeed” -

The secret ingredient which keeps you on track and minimises relapse.
In times of doubt and relapse Toms Mental Training gives you the inner strength to follow through in moving towards your vision and goals.

mental fitness training

Starting at $17

Once your mind-set changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. - Steve Maraboli

Lifestyle evolution
Being lean has to be a Lifestyle, not a Diet or Workout

Don't look for the secret to losing weight. Ask yourself "How a I lose Fat in the most enjoyable and sustainable way?
You will learn:
Mindset change and healthy character traits
How to make positive lifestyle changes last & More


Starting at $17

Lifestyle Transformation

"Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That's the only way it happens - and when it happens, it lasts." - John Wooden

Targeted Nutrition
Food strategies for more vitality and weight-loss

* Healthy food and eating guidelines
* Food – exercise and weight-loss basics
* Avoid these weight-loss mistakes in the outset
* Do’s and don’ts for healthy nutrition
* How to overcome eating challenges

Starting at $17

Break the Diet Cycle

Let’s combat your fat and gain more muscle for a favourable body composition.

Exercise Know How
Targeted workouts for improved results

* Better Results in less Time
* Why you can’t outrun a bad diet
* Easy ways to burn calories and lose weight
* Exercises for Fat Loss
* Choosing the right types of exercise
* Reclaim your youthful flexibility

toms exercise

Starting at $17

Exercises for RESUTS

Toms Exercise Know How helps you to get started on the right foot toward better health and fitness.

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Fitness Coaching

Your Health & Fitness – Moving Forward

Over the years you tried different diets and exercises but can’t get the results you hoped for or couldn’t keep it up.
You look for a solution that is easy to follow, delivers sustainable results, doesn’t take up too much of your time and last but not least doesn’t break the bank.

Initial Research

We start with an approx. 30min phone interview to get to know each other, discuss your goals and challenges you have encountered during your weight-loss and fitness journey.
After our conversation I send you an easy to use document app for your phone where you can keep track of your physical activities and food intake for a week.


After your initial interview and one week food of working the app, we get to work on your Personal Fitness Roadmap. This is intended to be a collaborative effort, and ultimately serves as your initial strategy for weight-loss and fitness.
Here you find specific food, exercise and lifestyle advice that works with your daily/weekly schedule

Ongoing Coaching

We keep in touch once a week during a scheduled phone/Skype session and for any other issues between these session I am available for you via text or email.
What is your ideal picture of your destination, how do you want to look, feel and do?
Together we work out a detailed plan with sub-goals and milestones to get there.

fit for life

If You Think Health & Fitness  =   Diet & Exercise – Think again!

If you opt for exercise and nutrition alone to reach your fitness goals and want to stay in shape for the long run, be prepared for a pretty bumpy ride.
Certain food cravings, not feeling like exercise and bad lifestyle choices will make your fitness journey unbearable.

Start your journey NOW!

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