About Thomas Klose

Thomas Klose

Fitness Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer,
and 2nd Dan Black Belt Karate Instructor

As a personal trainer and Karate black belt I have tried and tested many different methods to improve my body composition, health and endurance.
With a heavily overweight diabetic mother and obese father I always needed to watch my weight as well.

fit for life

Over the years I followed many different diets and exercise programs; all of them were more or less short lived.
Sooner or later I was back in my old shape and fitness level.

Most exercise and diet fads like: Low-fat, Paleo and Ketogenic diet, Crossfit and other gym programs only worked while I was doing them, as soon as I decided to stop doing those things, my body rebound, HARD.

In some cases I was even worse off and had harder times to achieve positive results when I started all over again.
Worst of all, because of a slow metabolism I gained weight on less food. I always asked myself:

“What does it take to make the changes and adopt the habits to stay fit and on track with positive results in a sustainable way?”

Being lean has to be a lifestyle, not a “Diet” or “Workout”.

After extensive original research, testing and more than 15years experience as a Karate black-belt, coach and personal trainer I am finally ready to pass on the most effective way for reaching long term fitness and weight-loss.

Based on countless experiments and testing it turns out that you have to work all four pillars of health and fitness in order to succeed.
Neglect one of them and your journey to a vibrant life and longevity is a never-ending struggle.

Toms Fitness Blueprint is a highly customisable road-map which helps you to transform your body and reach all your goals in a sustainable way.

As a coach I want to inspire you to transform your body and reach all your fitness goals with less effort and setbacks.  With my 24/7 online support system I’m here to give you Step-by-Step advice with your personalised strategies.

Toms Fitness Blueprint isn’t a new diet, or work-out regime, it’s a new approach to weight-loss and fitness.
If you you are on a particular diet or pursue a particular sport or exercise program, you can adapt and implement the principles outlined in Toms Fitness Blueprint to maximise results more effectively.