Toms Fitness BluePrint 5 in One

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Mobile app with interactive worksheets & e-Book

BonusMeasure & Progress Charting – Keeping track of Results

If You Think Health & Fitness 

Diet & ExerciseThink again!

If you opt for exercise and nutrition alone to reach your fitness goals and want to stay in shape for the long run, be prepared for a pretty bumpy ride.

Stop being hard on yourself!   fit for life

Hours of gym visits a week, food craving and little results. – Discover a more effective way to reach your health and fitness goals.

Toms Fitness BluePrint is a comprehensive new road-map for achieving your health and fitness goals in a natural and sustainable way.



Toms fitness

Toms FitnessYour road map to better health and fitness.

fit for life    Your complete weight-loss and fitness program

  1. Mental Fitness – Improving Mindset & Attitude
  2. Lifestyle Transformation Lifestyle & Habit Transformation
  3. Nutrition Strategies – for more Vitality and Weight–loss
  4. Customised Exercises – Targeted Workouts for Improved Results
  5. Measure and progress chartingKeeping track of Results

Complete Fitness Planning and Progress Check in your Pocket!

4pillars2     Toms Fitness BluePrint

Toms Fitness App – interactive worksheets,
exercise/nutrition planners & progress charting

Not just physical training and nutrition – wellness is also about healthy habits, a “can do” mindset and active lifestyle. If you don’t work all four components it is an uphill struggle. As all four parts complement each other, your ride to better health and fitness will be less troublesome and more enjoyable.