Bodyweight Exercises for Strength

Bodyweight Exercises for Strength

Bodyweight Exercises – Strength definition shown with push-up exercise

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explosive strength

max strength

How to practise for best results

  • Focus on maximal strength and your explosive strength will automatically increase along with your max strength.
  • The best strength gains are made by focusing on a limited number of high resistance, low-rep, and full-body exercises.
  • Strength is built by tensing the muscles harder, not by exhausting them with countless reps.
  • You will practice every day, throughout the day; you will focus on max tension; and you will totally avoid muscle fatigue and failure.
  • Multiple sets of up to 5 reps, never to failure and with plenty of rest between sets and total focus on technique and tension.
  • Training must be approached more as a practice, not a workout.

There is nothing magical or mysterious about your bodyweight versus iron that suddenly changes all the laws of strength training.

How can we make the exercise hard enough in 6 reps or less?

Redistribute your weight between your limbs, manipulating the range of motion, training in an unstable environment, varying the leverage, and minimising bounce and momentum.

High tension for max strength:

  • Slow exercise performance
  • Maximise muscular tension, or flexing, regardless of the weight used
  • Use heavy, 85-95% of one’s maximum, weights at least some of the time
  • Minimise fatigue

Karatekas perform Sanchin, which involves maximal dynamic tension of the muscles. Muscle failure is more than unnecessary, it is counterproductive!


How to minimise fatigue and get the most out of strength training:

  • Limit repetitions to five and fewer
  • Increase rest intervals between sets to 3 minutes
  • Limit the number of sets to two
  • Pause and relax between reps
  • Do not practice a lift more than five times a week. unless you are trying to build muscle.
the repetition push-up

the clapping push-up

the one-arm push-upbodyweight training

Bodyweight Exercises – Isometrics is a very powerful tool for strength development, despite being out of favour and receiving much unjust criticism. You have to push against things that didn’t budge, like walls, doorways etc. Your muscles contracted but no movement takes place.

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