Exercise for Fat Loss

Exercise for Fat Loss

Exercise for Fat Loss

It is important that you exercise for fat loss and muscle gain or/and muscle maintenance. Muscles in the body are like a bellow to a fireplace.  More muscles equals more bellow power which means your metabolism can handle more and perhaps not so healthy food better. You should combine aerobic and resistance exercise to attack your fat stores and increase muscle mass.

Exercise for Fat Loss

Aerobic Exercise versus Resistance Exercise

Aerobic exercise such as walking, running, swimming, or cycling is repetitive and relies on the continuous activation of the heart and lungs, often called cardiovascular (cardio) exercise. Most people think it is the key to fat loss. Resistance exercise involves moving or lifting weights with forceful muscle contractions. Even though resistance exercise is typically related to gains in muscle mass, there is plenty of evidence that it is actually excellent for fat loss and body composition improvements.

Aerobic Exercise

To maximise aerobic exercise you should alter between mode, duration, intensity and frequency; the more and intense the movement the better. In general running is excellent as it involves large muscle groups and you can easily change intensity and duration; combined with good nutritional choices and lifestyle habits, it can result in significant body composition improvement.

Duration and Intensity

The longer the exercise the more calories you burn. However, you can burn the same amount of calories, burn more fat and improve your body composition in a fraction of the time by varying the intensity. With (HIIT) High-Intensity Interval Training you simply intermix rest periods with very high-intensity work. Run fast for 1 minute and then “recover” at a slow jog pace for 1 minute and repeat this for 20 minutes. Depending on duration and intensity of the workout, you will burn energy during and after the exercise, too. If you are short on time for exercise break your exercise session into segments of high intensity and easy recovery as well as include jumping jacks, lunges or body-weight squats in your morning workout.

Research not only shows that interval training is more effective than continuous lower-intensity exercise, it also shows that combined with resistance training is incredibly effective for reducing body fat levels and improving heart health.


For best results exercise for fat loss 3-5 times a week and follow the guide lines above.

Resistance Exercise for Fat Loss

With only aerobic exercise it might be easy to change your overall size but not the way it looks physically. By adding lean mass from resistance training you add definition to your physic and increase your metabolic output. A combination of aerobic and resistance exercise also helps in combating certain types of chronic disease, including muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and perhaps even type 2 diabetes.

Do you have what it takes? Fitness Fundamentals

Do you have what it takes? Fitness Fundamentals

Defining key components and how they affect our health and well-being.

Physical activity is the movement of our skeletal muscles that requires energy and has health benefits.

Physical exercise is planned and structured activity that intended to improve

or maintain physical fitness.

Physical fitness is the ability to meet the ordinary and unusual demands of our daily life safely and effectively. Physical fitness consists of the following key components: