Weight-loss and Fitness for Life

Weight-loss and Fitness for Life

Latest research & more than 60 studies confirm:

Exercise doesn’t help with weight-loss!

By following the calories in and calories out exercise myth people underestimate the greater impact of the calories eaten part for weight loss.

While exercise has a great positive impact on our overall health, it won’t help you much to reduce your waistline. Even traditional aerobic exercise such as a one hour run in the park or treadmill burns calories but doesn’t have the impact on fitness and weight loss as you think.

    You cannot outrun a bad diet.

You also need to be cautious by following fad diets as deprivation of certain foods may lead to an overeat or binge cycle. And since your body doesn’t want you to starve, it responds to overly-restrictive food intake by slowing your metabolism which of course makes it even harder to lose.

To make things worse, clinical test have shown that from all the food we eat only 10-30 percent is burnt with physical activity.

What can we do to improve our health and fitness?

Health is multidimensional  Lifestyle – Exercise – Nutrition

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More exercise and eating less might be a good start. But for lasting improvements we have to practice healthy lifestyle habits combined with optimised physical training and nutrition strategies. energy-expenditure Toms Fitness Coaching does just that, with our 7 Steps to Longevity Blueprint we teach you to be independent from a gym and diet plan, make better lifestyle choices, do the right exercises for weight loss and opt for healthy nutrition options wherever you are.

Together we work on your mindset toward weight loss and fitness, the three stages of change, what you need to know about nutrition and how to apply the three steps to new habit integration. You’ll experience how little course directions today result in big changes over time, stay active and do the exercises which help to move towards better health and fitness.

In case you face a challenge with a bad habit or food choice between coaching sessions, simply contact Tom’s 24/7 support for help and peace of mind.

Imagine not only look good and feel great, but have more energy to do all the work you need to do during the day and even have time to spare.

What are your goals and outlook on life?

If you want to dance on your grandchildren wedding or just get more life in your years, you better start now to get into shape and enjoy the journey!

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How Body Composition Changes

How Body Composition Changes

How body composition changes and what you shouldn’t do

As we’ve learned so far the best method for changing body composition is by increasing the quality of both your exercise and dietary intake.
You’ll you may have guessed there is a little more involved than just decrease the amount of calories you eat , increase your physical activity or simply sleeping more. Be aware of low fat, no sugar and diet products advertised in the media and super market which manipulate our calorie intake.

Do’s and Don’ts

Artificial Sweeteners

Despite the fact that artificial sweeteners were for people with diabetes, it has become a top selling product for those looking to lose weight and fat. While some research shows that using low-calorie sweeteners can improve weight loss, there have been some claims that the use of artificial sweeteners can actually increase body weight and might cause negative health effects. The best solution is to limit added sugars and artificial sweeteners whenever possible.

Artificial Sweeteners

Detox Diets

Usually detox diets only provide short-term results as they focus on serious calorie restrictions through fruits and vegetables (juices) consumption. As a result weight loss is achieved by depleting glycogen and water stores in the body, and it might even decrease muscle mass, which is definitely not desirable. With a healthy liver, you have all the detox power that you need.

how body composition changes

Eating Out versus at Home

The easiest way to control your calorie intake and create a negative energy balance is to prepare your own meals at home. With fast food or full service restaurant food you likely increase your overall calories as well as saturated fat and sodium intake.

The important thing is to be conscious of portion sizes, regardless of whether you are eating out or cooking at home; eat slowly and chew well, stop when you’re not hungry anymore. Remember, it takes up to 20min until the brain realises that you had enough.


Sedentary Lifestyle

Try to get as much physical activity into your day as you can. If you have a desk job, set up a timer every 90min as a reminder to get up and move. Sitting for an extended amount of time per day has been related to the development of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Walk in lunch breaks and do phone calls standing up.



Continuous lack of sleep is not only hurting your health, sleep debt can have negative effect on metabolic control, insulin sensitivity, food cravings, muscle recovery, body composition, hormone profile and performance. Try to get at least 7hours of sleep every day. Catch up over the weekend is not the best option for several reasons.