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Tips and shortcuts for weight-loss exercise, improved endurance and more strength.

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Targeted Exercises

Exercise Know How – Targeted Workouts for Improved Results!

Not all exercise is equal for weight-loss – the most popular type might be the least effective!

Exercise is more than building muscles and conditioning heart and lungs.

Physical activity is crucial to the way we think and feel.
It affects mood, anxiety and attention; guards against stress and reverses some effects of aging in the brain, mind and body communication.

Whatever you do, don’t just exercise to burn calories. Train and practice for improvement and better results.
Learn how to exercise for weight-loss, improved endurance and more strength.

Toms Exercise Know How helps you to get started on the right foot toward better health and fitness.

  • Besides Fitness and weight-loss benefits strength training is important for our bones, because as we age bone density decreases, putting us at greater risk for fractures.
  • Flexibility training helps to stretch muscles and stay limber and maintain independence in how we move and less prone to injury.

Targeted Exercises Plan

Exercise for Fat Loss

To lose weight through exercise more easily, you will need to engage in exercises that enhance your metabolism and burn calories effectively.

When you work-out for fat loss it is important that you do cardio and resistance exercise for muscle gain or/and muscle maintenance as well.

Muscles in your body are like a bellow to a fireplace. The more you have the greater the bellow power is which means your metabolism can handle more and perhaps not so healthy food better.

For best results you have to combine aerobic exercise and some sort of weight training to attack your fat stores and increase muscle mass.

Use Toms exercise and activity planner keep track and plan your activities for the day, week and month.
You may use a Fitbit or pedometer to keep track of your activities.

Exercise know how