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Toms Lifestyle Transformation Helping people to live a healthy and more vital lifestyle in a sustainable way!

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Tips and shortcuts for weight-loss exercise, improved endurance and more strength.

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Permanent Health and Fitness is a series of daily habits – It is a choice!

Toms Fitness BluePrint 

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If You Think Health & Fitness  =   Diet & Exercise – Think again!

If you opt for exercise and nutrition alone to reach your fitness goals and want to stay in shape for the long run, be prepared for a pretty bumpy ride.  Perhaps certain food cravings, not feeling like going to exercise and other excuses can make your journey cumbersome with detours and perhaps a compromise.

No matter what those exercise programs and diets tell you, real and lasting change doesn’t happen from a huge and sudden shift in behaviour and diet.

The best way to achieve big results — in weight-loss and other areas of life — is with small and incremental gains over a long period of time. It happens through the progression of lots of little positive changes and successes, strung together over time.

The crux of permanent weight loss is whether or not you can sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle changes in the long term.

Stop being hard on yourself! 

Hours of gym visits a week, food craving and little results. – Discover a more effective way to reach your health and fitness goals.
Let me show you a weight-loss/fitness system that is fine-tuned for best results, follow through and guides you without compromise.

The four Pillars of Health & Fitness

Not just physical training and nutrition, wellness is also about healthy habits, a “can do” mindset and active lifestyle. If you don’t work all four components it is an uphill struggle. As all four parts complement each other, your ride to better health and fitness will less troublesome and more enjoyable.

Toms Fitness BluePrint

Let me show you exactly how to work all four parts in synergy for a fast and lasting outcome.

I have seen it all too often and even experienced it by myself, willpower eventually gets exhausted and we become slaves to old habits and behaviour.

With Toms mental training and lifestyle transformation module you can utilise the missing tools to effectively combat any destructive behaviour or habits which put you off course.

Toms Fitness Blueprint

Toms Fitness BluePrint puts you into the driver seat and control of your health and fitness goals with less hiccups and distractions.

Click on the links on the right for more details. Find out how little daily changes lead to vibrant energy, added strength and better looks.


Your complete weight-loss and fitness program

  1. Mental Training – Find your “Why” and goal setting
  2. Lifestyle Transformation – Mindset change, new habits and behaviours
  3. Nutrition Strategies – for weight-loss, performance and vitality
  4. Customised Exercises – for better body composition, strength and look
  5. Measure & Progress Charting – Keeping track of Results

Enjoy the ride!

Unlike most other programs which give you a list of foods to (not) eat and certain exercises to, Toms Fitness Blueprint teaches you how to change your behavior to lose weight and get fit permanently.

Toms Fitness Blueprint is an advanced program that is entirely different and much smarter than just dieting and exercises. Most fitness regimes aiming for temporary weight loss, Toms Fitness Blueprint aims for real, lasting change.