Covid 19 Damage Control 

We past the window of containment 

What You can do today to ease symptoms and get well sooner.
Don’t wait – Start preparing today before you end up in the wrong  statistic!

What you need to know about your body and disease

Can we really avoid it? – Better be safe than sorry. 

Below are tips you can do starting today to prepare yourself.

Symptoms can be from mild to severe or even death; how well you cope will mostly depend on your immune system.

Below is advice on how you can prepare yourself for your best possible outcome in case you are infected by the virus.
Upgrading your healthy and prioritise wellness to strengthen your immune system should be a high priority in times like these.

We need to be healthier than ever – mentally, emotionally and physically – for ourselves and others.

Tips to strengthen your immune system

You should actively work on all of the variables listed below to be prepared and upgrade your immune system. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and waste precious time to produce more information by myself which is already out there.

No matter if you’re in self-isolation already and have a lot of time on your hands, or you want to end up on the positive side of the corona-virus statistic (recovered).
Take the time and watch the videos listed below, it is time well spent. If you’re really in a hurry click the options button on the YouTube video and double the playback speed.

You may start with the first two videos before you pick any of the others with specific topics. I have chosen videos with a duration from about 5 min each. So you should be done with all of them in half an hour or less.

Please watch them all if you’re serious about your health. You always can do your own research if you want to explore a particular topic further.

How to boost Immune Power Naturally

The immune system – what it is, how it works and how to strengthen it.

Data shows that physically active people have a 40-50% reduction in the number of days they’re ill with acute respiratory infections.


Diet – Sleep – Exercise – Breathing

For best results work all variables; Diet – Sleep – Exercise and Breathing in synergy.  

“Only I Can Change My Life. No One Can Do It for Me.”—Carol Burnett

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The Obesity Intervention and Mind-shift

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”- Robin Sharma

It’s easy to become stuck in old habits; if you’ve always found excuses to skip healthy food and exercise, your brain will continue to find ways to avoid a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

But change is possible with the right roadmap and support.

The difference between folks that succeed and folks that don’t isn’t opportunity or luck: it’s the mindset and determination, which come from within.