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Toms exercise blog

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Fitness and Weight Loss a Long Time Ago

The best exercise is the exercise you know you can stick with because it actually fits your lifestyle, interests, and personality.


  • It’s Not a Race
  • Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore
  • Diets Don’t Work, Moderation Does
  • When You Do It Right, It Changes You

5 Exercises A Personal Trainer Wishes You Would Skip


Simply better results in less time – Try it!

  • What you shouldn’t do
  • What you should do
  • Why you shouldn’t do it

Why You Should ‘Exercise Snack’ Throughout the Day

Small bouts of exercise — like climbing stairs — could improve fitness

Taking on a fitness challenge in small bites rather than an overwhelming feast helps you reframe the task of exercising.

Three Different Methods to Packing on Lean Muscle

Accelerated fat loss, improved bone density, and decreased risk of injury are just a few of the many positive side effects associated with adding lean muscle to your frame.

“ Mechanical tension is the force you place on your muscles under when you contract them against resistance. Muscles have receptors called mechanosensors that sense how much force the muscle is under and the length of time it sustains that tension. Once these sensors detect tension, it sets off a cascade of chemical reactions that ultimately cause the muscle to grow.”— Cathe Friedrich,


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