Food Strategies

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Food Strategies for more Vitality and Weightloss

Know How and nutrition fundamentals     fit for life
for successful weight-loss and fitness.

Healthy and sustainable food and eating recommendation for better health and  fitness.

Tips and tricks which enhance any diet and exercise program.

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The way your body processes sugar is an excellent example of how different foods yield different results.
While the idea that health can come from eating a magic number of calories each day, the reality is that foods and your body are more complex.
You need to pay attention to the quality, not just quantity of the foods you eat to achieve much better results in less time.


  • Avoid these weight-loss mistakes in the outset
  • Food – exercise and weight-loss basics
  • Healthy food and eating guidelines
  • Food recommendations which enhance any diet
  • Simple weight loss hacks to get started
  • Food timing for best performance and weight-loss
  • Do’s and don’ts for healthy nutrition
  • How to overcome eating challenges
  • Food shopping – Learn how to read a nutrition label
  • Toms Food and Activity Diary explained


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