Targeted Exercises

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Exercise Know How – Targeted Workouts for Improved Results!

Exercise is more than building muscles and conditioning heart and lungs.
Physical activity is crucial to the way we think and feel. It affects mood, anxiety and attention; guards against stress and reverses some effects of aging in the brain, mind and body communication.

  • Don’t just exercise to burn calories. Some of the most popular type might be the least effective!
  • Tips and shortcuts for fat-loss, improved endurance and more strength.

Toms Exercise Know How helps you to get started on the right foot toward better health and fitness.





Exercise Know How for successful weight- loss, strength, flexibility and fitness.

To support the overall fitness, a good exercise program should include cardiovascular exercise, strength and resistance training, flexibility exercises and balance training.

By practicing the recommendation outlined in this e-book you get started on the right foot toward better health and fitness.


  • Better Results in less Time
  • Exercise – Food and Weight-loss Fundamentals
  • Why you can’t outrun a bad diet
  • Easy ways to burn calories and lose weight
  • Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Choosing the right types of exercise
  • Reclaim your youthful flexibility
  • Resistance training and body weight exercises
  • How to strength train and minimise fatigue
  • Body weight routines which complement any sports or exercise programs
  • Activity and exercise advice to remember
  • Toms customised Exercise & Activity Planner

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