Have you, or do you know somebody who embarked on a weight-loss crusade for a few weeks or month, lost 10kg and gained it all back within a year?

Crash Diet’s, Gym memberships and Willpower don’t work!

L a s t I n g Weight-loss & Fitness starts in your head, not in the gym and dinner plate!
We all know we need to adopt positive lifestyle changes, eat less and move more.
But what do you do when temptations for unhealthy food are high and you start skipping exercises?

The physics are simple. Psychology is not.

Jogging, Gym visits, Weight-loss Diets – Are we doing the right things?

Don’t be too hard on yourself!
Stop counting calories!
Stop these long exercises and gym visits you can’t sustain nor have time for.

  • You have been given and heard about all this good advice which
    worked for other people, “Eat less added sugar, eat less refined grains,
    eat more vegetables, and choose whole foods over packaged and processed ones”.
  • You tried all diets, exercises and fitness regimes.

Move more, eat less! – Really? There is MORE!
Attaining your weight-loss and fitness goals isn’t
just about eating less and going to the gym 3 times a week.
That will work in the short-term, but you won’t have lasting success.

Discover the missing piece to lasting fitness & weight-loss

You may have burned 700 calories in your last workout, but that piece of cheesecake you just ate had 1000 calories alone. You might workout for over an hour, but you can erase all of that hard work in minutes of eating.
The intense effort often leads to becoming hungrier, and gives an excuse to indulge, and at the end of the day? Weight-gain!

Physical activity has a very modest effect on weight loss. We must dial in our diet, portion control, mindful eating, and begin to honor the “you can’t outwork a bad diet” maxim.

For lasting Health & Fitness work on your Mindset and Attitude first!
Most people fail with fitness and weight loss because they don’t prepare and follow through with habit and behaviour change.

Hitting the gym for hours trying to ‘burn’ calories is a never winning battle.

What most people don’t know about weight-loss and fitness:

  • Consistency matters more than intensity. It is better to walk 30 minutes daily than to hit the gym hard for a month, lose 10kg and gain 13kg back.
  • Eating less food is not enough – the right food at the right time can make all the difference.
  • Most calories are burnt from your basal metabolic rate, which is the energy your body burns when it’s at rest. Even if you work out like the hardest-core fitness guru you only increase your overall caloric burn by 10 to 30 percent.
  • Calorie restriction is very difficult for most people to sustain over the long term because the body fights back when it’s deprived of calories. Decades of research show that, as people lose weight, their appetite inevitably increases and their metabolism slows down.
  • A healthy body exists in a balance between eating the right food at the right time, fasting and daily exercises.
  • Our bodies prefer consistency. It is better to follow a 5-20min daily bodyweight exercise routine than a 2hour gym visit twice a week.
  • You are what you eat and repeatedly do. Your body is defined from years and decades of food and exercise activities.
  • You just can’t just change your diet, exercise twice a week for a couple of months and expect long-lasting results. You need to work on improving your mindset toward health and fitness and make the right lifestyle choices as well.
  • If you want to become fit and healthy, you must think and behave like the person you want to become.

                                                       BE – Do – Become

You have to know what you want, develop habits that support your goals, drop the habits that don’t support your goals, deal with obstacles, and stay the course.

You’re never done. Even if you have some success, if you want to maintain it, you have to keep doing the things you were doing that got you that success in the first place.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” — George Bernard Shaw

We can’t expect to change our outcomes without changing our thinking first.

Some people want to become fitter and healthier but don’t want to let go of bad eating habits and unhealthy food.
Most people are looking for quick fixes, not real transformation.
Don’t start eating healthy and do exercises without letting go of the bad behaviours and food.
It is like trying to fill a bucket with holes.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so beautiful at the end.” Robin Sharma

This is just TOO HARD – What now?

Instead of trying to make radical changes in a short amount of time, aim to make small improvements (you can sustain) every day that will gradually lead to the change you want.

That’s the basic principle of KAIZEN – The Japanese philosophy of self-improvement.
Kaizen isn’t a “one and done” approach to life. It’s a process of continual improvement.
The Kaizen mindset reminds us that all improvements must be maintained if we wish to secure your gains.

Weight loss diets, gyms, low fat/diet products, and supplements are a treatment for symptoms – not a long-term solution. – As soon as you stop a regime you go backward again.
If you start a crash diet it will hold on to fat cells by adjusting (slowing down) your metabolism.

The key to weight loss – Your metabolism, it is not set in stone!

For long term weight-loss and fitness, you need to prime your metabolism with the right food, eating habits exercise and mindset.

Work mind and body in sync and harmony for accelerated results

Let your mind be the “pull” and your actions are the “push” towards your goals.
This is a more efficient and faster way of moving forward.

  • Think and behave like a fit and healthy person.
  • Be congruent with your behaviour and thinking.
  • Appreciate your body and establish a better mind-body connection.

Make Obesity History!
Years or even decades of neglect demand perhaps unconventional measures.
If you want to address core issues of diabetes long term you will discover that a pill and a few consultations don’t cut it anymore.

  • Don’t look for the secret to losing weight. Ask yourself “How can I lose fat in the most enjoyable and sustainable way?”
  • Don’t start any exercise program and diet which you don’t like or can’t sustain in one way or another.

“Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That’s the only way it happens – and when it happens, it lasts.” – John Wooden

Real and enduring change happens from within, you need to think, feel and act like a healthy fit person. You must adjust and optimize your environment, habit and behaviour in a way that you have always healthy alternative food options available and exercises are made easy to do.

Do you eat with the end in mind?  The short-medium-long term effects of most high-calorie foods:
Pleasure – fatigue/ bloating – weight gain.

Call to Action:

  • Portion control and mindful eating.
  • Drink a large glass of water before every meal.
  • Wait 20min for second servings.
  • Combat fat and gain muscle with a more favourable body composition.
  • Upgrade your mindset and metabolism – The rest will follow.

“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change” – Dr Wayne Dyer

If You Think Health & Fitness =   Diet & Exercise – Think again!
We all know that recovery ultimately requires a more active lifestyle, exercise, and improved diet. Drastic changes are almost impossible to implement as a lot of people have a fixed mindset, internal conflicts with change and ultimately exerting too much willpower which ultimately leads to failure.

  • Promote change from the inside-out for sustained weight-loss and fitness.
  • Discover how to ignite and accelerate change for good as well as how to overcome resistance to change.
  • Experience more energy, better sleep, high productivity, increased focus, and more creativity.

Breathe your way to better fat burning!
With increased oxygen intake you can speed up your metabolism and fat burning capability.
Breathing is a major source of our body’s detox, dead cells being burned off and disposed of.

  • Breathing correctly actually changes your body chemistry.
  • Slow, steady and deep breaths put you on ease, and stimulate enzymes that increase fat burning.

This could be a reason that some of us always feel hungry after a big meal; ineffective breathing releases adrenaline into our system which slows down our digestion. By breathing into our bellies, we not only increase our air intake, but our nervous system and muscles also relax and our digestion and nutrient delivery are enhanced.

The secret ingredient which keeps you on track and minimizes relapse
Mental Fitness – Improving Mindset & Attitude In times of doubt and relapse inner strength helps you to follow through in moving towards your vision and goals.
Without the mental fortitude to keep going and finish strong, your body may give in to the stress and decide to quit.

                             Find a strong enough “Why” then you can bear any “How”.

The Power of Habits
You might think you’re in total conscious control of your behavior, but it’s really your subconscious that’s running the show.
If you know what to do but you can’t get yourself to do it, you probably have been given negative or conflicting messages to your subconscious mind.
Your mind is like a muscle, in order to succeed it needs constant stimulation to stay in shape.

“Willpower is for people who haven’t made up their minds” – Ben Hardy

Lifestyle & Habit Transformation – Give up trying, commit and make it stick!
Being lean has to be a Lifestyle, not a “Diet” or “Workout”

Don’t Exercise – Train for Better Results. Train with Purpose and Focus; Push yourself to improve fitness & strength.

Focus on behaviour first not outcomes to mindfully establish the habits which lead to a healthier life.

Permanent weight-loss and fitness go beyond food and exercise, it addresses core issues like mindset & attitude as well as lifestyle & habits.
If you want to change for good, you can’t change through willpower with a diet and exercise, you must change your environment, mindset and as well as subconscious patterns.
Once these topics are redirected in a more advantageous way, exercise and diet will follow suit in a more sustainable way.

With better health and more energy, you’ll be motivated in all areas of your life.
Improve your confidence, clarity and last but not least your creative work.

If your health is not a priority than what is?

The Four Pillars of Health & Fitness
Not just physical training and nutrition, wellness is also about healthy habits, a “can do” mindset and an
active lifestyle.
If you don’t work all four components it is an uphill struggle. As all four parts complement each other, your ride to better health and fitness will less troublesome and more enjoyable.

  • Mindset & Psychology
  • Positive Lifestyle changes
  • Nutritional Strategies
  • Targeted Exercises

Trial and error all points above for the best results. Young, old male-female, we all have a different metabolism keep experimenting to find out what works best for you.

Something to think about

  • Do you eat with the end in mind? Are you conscious of and in control of the food you put in your body? Does the food you eat improve or worsen your mood and energy?
  • Do practice portion control and wait 20min before second servings?
  • Is your body as strong and fit as you want it to be?
  • Are you healthier now as you were six months ago?
  • Health is wealth. If you’re bedridden… fill in the blanks yourself. It is so easy to cut physical activity and make poor food choices.
  • If you don’t take time to exercise and eat well now, you must take time for illness later.
  • Little things become big things and eventually, everything catches up.
  • When you take care of your body, you’ll not only have more confidence, you’ll also be more motivated and inspired in all areas of your life.

Transform your environment, behaviour, and people you hang out with to match the person you want to become.

Call to action

  • Stop eating filler foods right before bedtime.
  • Go on more walks and treat any chores as exercise.
  • Not only eat less food – eat the right food!
  • Focus more on behaviour change – NOT so much on outcomes.
  • Drink tons of water.

Stop Dieting – Get fit for LIFE!

Stay tuned to learn:

  • How to exercise for results
  • How to accelerate results with the right lifestyle changes
  • How when, and what to eat for more energy and better fat burning
  • Mental fitness – the secret ingredient which keeps you on track during trying times